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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Injuries, illnesses and birth defects can all play a role in causing deformities that may require surgical intervention to correct. If you’ve been affected by a deformity, surgical intervention can be an effective way to improve your area of concern, restore function and increase mobility for a better quality of life.

At Serenity Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of plastic and reconstructive surgeries designed to address deformities, scars, traumatic injuries, post-cancer abnormalities and more.


Breast reconstruction includes a wide variety of options, including breast reshaping, areola reconstruction, implants, tissue expansion and more. Typically, these procedures can be immensely rewarding, both physically and emotionally. Many times, breast reconstruction is a series of procedures designed to reform the breast mound and nipple following a mastectomy, or breast removal. Using a series of muscle grafts, skin grafts and implants, we’re able to create a realistic-looking breast. However, please note that breast reconstruction is highly variable, and the reconstructed breast will not have the feel or sensation of the original breast. 


Post-Cancer Surgery & Reconstruction

Cancer surgery is one of the most common reasons that a patient seeks reconstructive surgery. In addition to breast reconstruction after a breast-cancer mastectomy, Serenity offers skin, tendon and bone grafts, in which a piece of healthy tissue is transplanted to a new site on the body, as well as scar revisions, artificial implants and local flap surgery, where body tissue adjacent to the reconstruction site is used to cover any abnormalities.


Scar Revision

Whether it’s an injury, surgical procedure or poorly healed skin condition, scars can be the cause of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Although scarring is an unavoidable part of surgery, Serenity offers scar revision that minimizes scarring and helps make skin tone and texture more consistent. Scar revision may include topical treatments, minimally invasive surgery or surgical revision using advanced wound-closure techniques.


Traumatic Injuries

Unexpected trauma is often the cause of disfiguring or frustrating scars and skin inconsistencies. External injuries to the skin may be the most noticeable, but sharp or blunt trauma can sometimes result in deeper injuries to the tendons, blood vessels and nerves. Serenity offers a variety of treatments designed to minimize the cosmetic damage to your body from lacerations, abrasions and tears while promoting effective healing.


Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is frequently the cause for surgical intervention, and getting help from a plastic surgeon will minimize scarring, allowing for the best cosmetic outcomes. At Serenity, we can help remove cancerous lesions or other skin growths using techniques that maintain your appearance and health. Treatment may include local flap surgery, where body tissue adjacent to the reconstruction site is used to cover any abnormalities, or a skin graft over the affected area. Please note, in some cases, multiple procedures may be required.

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