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Cosmetic Surgery Services

Many times, surgical intervention can help enhance or improve your overall appearance and help you realize your ideal aesthetic. We offer services designed to help you look younger, thinner or more suitable to your desires, according to your specific needs. Below is a list of non-surgical services we perform.

Non-surgical Treatments


Botulinum toxin, commonly called Botox, is a purified substance that is injected directly into the muscle to block muscular nerve signals, which then weakens the muscle so it can’t contract. The result of Botox smooths facial wrinkles and produces a more youthful appearance.

A Botox procedure:

  • Reduces crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes and frown lines between the eyes

  • Smooths forehead wrinkles and furrows

  • Tightens skin bands on the neck

Botox procedures are one of the safest and quickest ways to remedy wrinkles in the face and forehead. The results can be especially dramatic when combined with chemical peels or other skin treatments.


Botox injections typically take 15 minutes or less to complete, and there is no recovery or down time. Individuals may resume normal activities immediately. Results are usually seen within two – five days.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are done with a chemical solution to remove layers of skin to allow for underlying, youthful skin to be seen. Chemical peels help address the reduction or improvement of wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin coloring, acne and other imperfections. We use various chemical solutions based on your skin condition.


Chemical peels involve minimal pain. Patients may feel tingling or stiffness of the skin or a change in skin temperature but chemical peels are not painful.


Chemical peel results will vary depending on the strength of the peel. A more superficial peel usually lasts one to two months, medium peel for two to six months and deeper peels can last indefinitely.


Eyelashes (Latisse)

Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for longer, fuller, darker eyelashes. The prescription-only treatment is easy to do – simply apply the Latisse solution to the included sterile applicator brush, apply it to the bottom of the upper eyelid, and then repeat. Learn more about growing longer, thicker lashes using the Latisse solution at



Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds or lines are naturally occurring due to aging, making them one of the most frequently treated areas. Careful and accurate placement of dermal fillers can support and diminish nasolabial folds without adding more volume-weight to the area. Strategic filling above deep nasolabial folds creates much needed support that can lessen the depth of the lines while also lifting the cheeks.

Marionette Lines


Marionette lines are lines that run from the corner of the mouth to the chin and have several causes, including the aging process. This results in the reduction of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. The loss of these natural human body proteins causes cheeks to begin sagging, creating marionette lines. Additionally, the movement of the muscles in your lips and around your mouth when you talk, smile, smoke, kiss, etc., causes the skin to lose elasticity and firmness over time. Other factors include persistent exposure to the sun, diet, genetics, and stress all play a key part causing marionette lines to become more pronounced. 


Fillers help restore volume and youthful appearance, lifting the skin folds and lines. This quick procedure is safe with minimal or no downtime.


Skin Care
and Protection

Exposure to sunlight, aging, skin disorders, heredity and old blemishes can all cause unwanted skin blemishes and irregularities. If you want to restore your skin’s smooth surface.

A skin resurfacing and rejuvenating procedure:

  • Eliminates static wrinkles that do not change with facial motions

  • Normalizes skin pigmentation that may show periodic redness, freckles or sun damage

  • Removes acne or surface-injury scars


Candidates for skin resurfacing and rejuvenating are healthy adult non-smokers. Recovery is typically rapid, but your skin will continue to age naturally and other skin conditions may develop over time.

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